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1. with B'z on the stage of FIFA WORLD CUP KOREA/JAPAN OFFICIAL CONCERT INTERNATIONAL DAY, at Tokyo Stadium on June 27th.(2002)
2. commented to B'z on B'z 15th Anniversary.(2003)

・Steve Vai
1. When Vai did the second bounce in supervise of Guitarist named "Merry Axesmas" Christmas Album in 1998,TAK's participation was not able to be achieved though Vai was interested in TAK. But in 1999 when Vai approached the height of production, Vai knew B 'z coming to the Los for the recording and invited "Let's Jam !" .
2. collaborate with B'z 「Asian Sky」 in Steve Vai's Album 『Ultra Zone』
3. He invited B'z to his house.
4. mixing 「#1090 Asian Sun」「Romeo & Juliet」 in the TAK's solo guitar instrumental album 『Hana』.
    The Album 『Hana』 is released in Vai's level "Favored Nations"too.(2003)
5. He commended B'z to Hollywood's Rock Walk (2007).

・Robert Deleo (Stone Temple Pilots)
1. He joined the B'z 44th single 「SUPER LOVE SONG」 with Bass.(2007)
2. He joined the 「SUPER LOVE SONG」Video.(2007)

1. covered B'z 29th single 「juice」 (unreleased) .

・Billy Sheehan (ex. Mr.BIG, TALAS, Niacin...)
1. with Bass 「Giri Giri Chop (Version 51)」「Brotherhood」「Gin no Tsubasa de Tobe」「Nagareyuku Hibi」「Ikasete okure!」「SHINE」 in B'z 10th album 『Brotherhood』(1999)
2. performance with B'z in Japanese Music TV program "Music Station".
3. support member in 2002 live tour. The tour started from Saitama Super Arena on July 8th to the last show at Osaka Dome on September 9th, it gathered 700,000 audience all together for 14 shows in 11 cities including the stadiums still holds the excitement of the world cup. The live DVD 『a BEAUTIFUL REEL』 is released
4. with Bass 「GO FURTHER」 in TAK's album 『KNOCKIN'“T”AROUND』(1999)

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